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Enter the amount paid from line 6 of page 1 of Form 730. Box 4. Enter your name and address as shown on Form 730. Y Form 730 Rev. 12-2017 Payment Voucher PTIN Cat. No. 20585U Detach Here and Mail With Your Payment and Form 730. 730-V Form 730-V Don t staple or attach this voucher to your payment. Enter your employer identification Enter the amount of your payment. Don t send cash. Don t staple this voucher or your payment to Form 730 or to each other. Detach the completed voucher and send it...
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hello and welcome I am Otis lander home of the founding attorney here at Landrum immigration APC where we fight for your American Dream and today I want to talk about really benefits for people who have won asylum and the question is okay now youve won Asylum now what and how do you get your family member to come to the United States or if your family members already here is there a way that they can be eligible for asylum as well and so really what were talking about in all of that and all of that is a family based petition based on your asylum eligibility based on your Asylum grant and what that is is its a petition on form I 730 all right the I 730 allows for people who have one Asylum to petition for spouses and children all right so the first thing youve got to know is that your spouse or your child had to have been your spouse or child meaning the marriage had to have happened or the child had to have been born and actually theres an exception if the child was conceived and not yet born but anyway you have that you you have to have that relationship on the day that your Asylum case was approved alright and so thats something to know about if youre if you just had your asylum interview and youre madly in love with another human being all right sometimes its really good advice to marry that person before your decisions issued because that way you can petition for that person if you win all right and so I just know that anyway so the I 730 allows for you to petition for spouses and children as long as that relationship was happened before the grant of asylum theres also a time limit to filing an I 730 petition it must be on file within two years of your grant of asylum all right there are some exceptions that USCIS will be willing for humanitarian reasons to extend that deadline but typically its got to be on file within two years and so dont blow your two-year deadline alright sometimes we also have questions like does it matter if my spouse is in a different country does it matter if my spouse is here in the United States does it matter if my spouse is here in the United States illegally all right the answer to those questions are you know sometimes it depends the truth is as an i7 30 can be won for a spouse regardless of where they are in the world we can consular process it through the consulate overseas or we can adjust status once an i7 30 years approved for somebody whos here in the United States however at the time of that application that person cannot be barred from asylum so no particularly serious crimes no persecution of others no you know I have videos on each of the eight there are eight big bars that would prevent a person from filing for asylum additionally USCIS says that the person should be quote unquote admissible all right but actually the admissibility issues go towards discretion because the I 730 is a discretionary petition all right and so if your if your spouse has ever accumulated unlawful presence in the United...
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